All you need to know on how to write a satirical essay

How to write a satirical essay

Before we learn more on how to draft a satirical essay, let’s define a satirical essay. A satirical paper is a form of critical writing approaches a certain subject with a sense of humor. The assignment is usually loaded with ironic material and hyperboles so as to make it more interesting. It takes facts and blows them out of proportion to create a sense of fun in the minds of the readers while exposing the folly of a particular issue. A satirical paper is a clever and funny way of criticizing something.

How to draft a satirical paper

You need to mind your audience in the writing process of your satirical essay examples. You need to ensure that you present your ideas so they get through to your readers’ emotions and provoke a sense of fun in them. Whichever way you do it, just ensure the humor in the paper fits your target audience. Remember, you can use humor that may appeal to college students, but may be offensive or sound silly to a professional audience of executives. Additionally, you need to frame your essay in a friendly and casual manner while retaining tact, respecting boundaries, and avoiding undue offence.

Select a topic

Another fact you need to know about how to write a satirical essay is choosing an appropriate topic. Your topic should have enough irony and humor to excite your audience. You should also establish in which way your chosen topic is funny and come up with a clear understanding of the point you are trying to put across so that you don’t lose you sense of objectivity.

Be hyperbolic in stressing your points

In the process of passing on your message, you need to master the art of exaggeration or hyperbole. Exaggeration is one of the ways of making your paper funnier and more ridiculous. This approach makes you give the facts you are discussing the sense of ridicule they deserve.

Be ironic in presenting your ideas

As you take a swipe at your chosen subject and objects, you need to employ the art of irony. By being ironical, you use phrases that convey an opposite meaning to ridicule and criticize something. For instance, you can talk about how a monopolistic cartel is so “generous” that they would rather deny the poor access to basic commodities in order to fatten their already fat wallets.

Focus on humor in your satirical assignments

Another way of driving satire into the minds of you readers is making it funny. Even though the aim of your essay is not to entertain your audience, using humor to expose the fallacy of what you are satirizing is the best way of keeping your readers focused.

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