How to Write a Good Movie Review ?

Do you know what is a movie review? This is when critics value movies and give their own opinion about them. Students are required to write this work during their studying, and they obviously want to get good grades. Needless to say that most people like to watch movies, but when it comes to make a review, they could feel frustrated about how to write a good movie review without spending a plenty of time.

This task is not as hard as it seems, and we have to say that movie reviews are very important for students: they help to develop a critical opinion, ability to think, writing and vocabulary skills.

Sometimes those students who don’t like writing at all, enjoy writing movie reviews because they like the process of putting into words of something they watched. These reviews also help students improve their creativity and ability to pay attention on details. In this article you will find a lot of useful tips about writing.

As any other type of paper, the movie review has its own outline. Here how a movie review structure should look like:

  • Introduction — here you should include some information about movie title, its release date, and give your readers short background information.
  • Summary — write a brief description of the plot.
  • Analysis of the movie plot.
  • Analysis of creative elements of the movie.
  • Your own opinion about movie that is supported with facts and examples.
  • Conclusion — a short part where you announce if the movie is interesting and successful, and how the plot was developed.

5 easy steps how to write a movie review

If you are going to make a review for a movie, but you feel stuck with writing because it’s hard to understand how to begin it and what to write. We want to provide you with five easy steps that may be very helpful in writing your future paper.

  1. Watch the movie without distraction. If you are watching it on your laptop, you can pause it from time to time and make short notes that ill be useful for writing.
  2. Keep in your mind that great movie reviews should hook the audience, that’s why you should start with a fact about the movie that will give your readers a clear feeling about your opinion. You shouldn’t leave your audience guessing if you think it’s a good movie or not, so better tell them early and then to prove your opinion with detailed information based on facts from the movie. You should take notes while analyzing next things:
    • Plot — analyze what this movie is about, and ask yourself if the plot is interesting. Think if the movie keeps you exciting all time, or there are some boring moments. Analyze what techniques were used and how the director choose various methods to show different events of the story.
    • Soundtrack — pay your attention what kind of music was used for the movie. Analyze if the soundtrack fits this story and does it help to understand the plot better.
    • Atmosphere — analyze if the location of filming is successful, and does it help to make the movie better.
    • Idea — analyze the main problem of the movie. Think if this idea is fully developed with actors play, director’s work, and all other effects that were used in the filming.
    • Actors play — think if the actors were chosen successful for this movie, and if their play helps to understand the idea better.
  3. The next step is writing your paper according with the structure of a movie review. Make an outline of your future work according with the next main parts:
    • Introduction;
    • Body part;
    • Recommendations;
    • Conclusion.

    If you feel that it’s still hard for you to create this document, try to find in the Internet written movie reviews, and read them thoroughly to understand the structure of these papers. Reading a movie review example may explain you what information you should put into your document and what style of writing you should choose.

  4. You need to watch the movie again because it’s impossible to understand it by watching just once. So, watch it for the second time and try to pay your attention on details that you could miss the first time, especially if you were paused the movie to make notes.
  5. Read your finished paper thoroughly and make all the needed corrections. You should find and correct all grammar and logical mistakes to make your work look professional. A good idea is to read your review to friends/ colleagues / relatives, so you will get their opinion about your work.

3 Mistakes to avoid

  • Check that all names (director’s and actors) are spelled correctly.
  • Try not to copy an example of a movie review you have read before. You own review must be unique and individual, so write it by your own voice.
  • Check out if your work contains enough information about the film. Remember that your readers might haven’t watched this movie, so you have to give them a great understanding of what’s it about without spoilers.

4 Tips for writing a film review

If you are interested how to write a movie analysis on the high level, read our useful tips that will help to improve your work:

  • Make sure you didn’t write any spoilers about the movie in your review.
  • Read popular movie reviews to understand the style of writing and the main goal of your paper. Remember that the readers shouldn’t always be agreed with the author’s opinion, but how the reviewer is able to predict if the audience like the certain movie or not.
  • If you don’t like the movie, it doesn’t mean that you have to write a negative review. Different people have different tastes, so someone might like the movie you hate.
  • Structure all information properly: try to categorize the movie parts and comment on each part individually. This will help you to organize all facts in your review more accurate.

3 Examples of good movie reviews

We provide you with three examples of successful reviews that may be helpful for you in creating your own work. Go ahead and read each movie review sample thoroughly to get some ideas about writing your paper.

The Bodyguard (1992)

This melodramatic movie with Kevin Costner and Whitney Houston was released in 1992. The script for this film was written much earlier, in the 1960s by L. Kasdan. A popular singer Rachel Marron receives death threats, and she needs a bodyguard. An ex-agent of a security service Frank Farmer gets this job even if he still feels guilty about the inability to protect the U.S. President Reagan. Eventually, Frank and Rachel fell in love. This movie had a huge success when it was released, and it’s especially famous thanks to the bestselling song “I Will Always Love You” by the talented Whitney Houston.

The Mentalist (2008-2015)

This is a crime drama about a former psychic Patrick Jane (Simon Baker) that joins CBI to help them investigate the case about the ruthless serial killer Red John that cruelly killed his wife and daughter. The CBI’s boss Teresa Lisbon (Robin Tunney) is not always happy with his odd methods of investigation, but he really helps to close other cases. This movie will be very interesting for those who like detectives and mysteries. It is always exciting to observe how Jane investigates crimes, because thanks to his abilities, he knows who the murder is almost from the very beginning.

The Game (1997)

This is a mystery movie about a rich man Nicholas Van Orton (Michael Douglas) that gets on his birthday (48 years old — the age when his dad committed suicide) the special ticket to CRS — a company that provides people with reality games. From the moment when a man starts a game, he gets a series of pranks. At start everything seems fine, but these pranks become vicious and threatening. Nicholas feels confused, he loses his finances and he feels he couldn’t trust anyone. Finally, he starts his investigation about the weird “game company” because he suspects that CRS has a goal to kill him.

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