Pop Culture Essay Topics

Pop Culture Essay Topics

Who said that the composition of an article must be challenging and dull? Who can prove that it is forbidden to write about acute and exciting topics? Don’t hesitate a minute longer and pick the most fitting one. It doesn’t matter what kind of work you have to accomplish, as we have themes for argumentative, persuasive, compare and contrast, and many other essay types.

If you still can’t distinguish what aspects are popular today, keep in mind that activities or products suiting demands of the general mass of people may be called pop. In other words, it can be everything concerning the latest interests of people like what to do, watch, or listen to. So, if your professor has nothing against pop culture, begin to express your thoughts related to a subject immediately.

Pop Culture Topics’ Examples

Our writers used all their creativity and imagination to prepare these interesting ideas for your essay writing. Besides, all the subjects are thematically grouped to make it easier for you to find the one you want to describe in your research paper. These five excellent sections contain ten winning topics in each so that you can get an A+ mark. Combine subjects as you wish, and use these ideas as the basis for an absolutely different pop culture topic of yours. Check them out here and now!


  1. How did the Soundgarden band’s tracks influence today’s pop music?
  2. Life and death of Chris Cornell.
  3. Ten best songwriters of the late 90’s.
  4. Woodstock: the generation of music.
  5. The value of Annual Grammy Awards for the pop industry.
  6. The Prodigy: The breakthrough in electronic genre.
  7. Nu-metal age: an overview of three main bands of the century.
  8. Different countries have different popular musical genres.
  9. The language of the youth: Rap music.
  10. Top ten greatest pop singers and their impacts on the genre development.


  1. The poetry is back. The return of interest in poems.
  2. Modern poets.
  3. Comics as a reflection of modern youngsters.
  4. The most popular genre in the XXI-century literature.
  5. “The Universe in a Nutshell” by Stephen Hawking.
  6. Joan Rolling, or how a fairy tale can become a bestseller.
  7. Reading as a part of fun. Mobile phone apps and e-books at our service.
  8. Books based on games or films. The industry back to front.
  9. What genres of literature does the youth read?
  10. Bestsellers of the new era.

Serials and Movies:

  1. Twin Peaks: the most mysterious film series.
  2. Sitcoms. The substitution of ordinary soap operas.
  3. Deficiencies of the modern society reflected in popular sitcoms.
  4. The influence of mass media and movie industry on people.
  5. Sexism in modern films and cartoons.
  6. The history of cinema.
  7. The TV show industry. What is under the radar?
  8. Rapid development of special effects’ technologies from 2010 to 2016.
  9. Celebrities and their impacts on teenagers.
  10. Positive and negative effects of being a superstar.

Social Networks and Blogs:

  1. Watching television vs. looking through news feed
  2. Instagram online broadcasting: Why is it so popular?
  3. The hashtag generation.
  4. Mobile phones as a key to intercultural communication.
  5. The social networks addiction.
  6. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram as parts of the modern culture.
  7. The efficiency of online advertisements.
  8. Selfie mania.
  9. Mom, I am a blogger!
  10. Exposing your life in the Internet.

Ideas Mishmash:

  1. Dancing all night long. The twerk boom.
  2. The last days of television.
  3. To become a famous person in one day? The Internet and its possibilities.
  4. The Pixar Company.
  5. New American Idols.
  6. Pepsi or Cola?
  7. We choose healthy food!
  8. The modern fitness industry.
  9. The cosplay culture.
  10. Who are hipsters?

You face a topic choice midway to a successful composition. It means that if you find a topic of your dreams, it will be easier to accomplish the other half of the assignment. The only thing left is to write your thoughts down and proofread the paper. Good luck with your academic writing and let your theme impress your professor strongly!

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