What is an exemplification essay and how to write it?

exemplification essay writing

Before we delve into matters relating to how to write an exemplification essay, let us define an exemplification essay. In brief, this is a form of writing is rich in examples and utilizes them to give an explanation of or evidence to a claim. In the process of drafting a compelling exemplification assignment, you need to understand that it is necessary to make a valid point before backing it with an example. The reason is that examples are used to give clarity to claims or ideas and also to defend their validity. Therefore, the aim of writing such an essay is not to give examples but rather to use them to demonstrate a fact so that your readers can understand it better. The remaining sections of this post are dedicated to the sharing of more ideas on how to write an exemplification essay more proficiently.

Tips on how to write an exemplification essay

This section will share quick tips on how to draft this type of essay. Here are three main tips that will enable you to use examples effectively.

  • Begin with a point

From the previous section, we saw that an exemplification paper is validated and marked by examples that back fats and ideas. To be effective in this game, you should master how to state clear ideas. This requirement applies to your topic and other supportive ideas that defend your thesis statement. You should also learn how to limit each point within the body of your essay so that it carries a single idea.

  • Master how to utilize examples

After knowing how to master your ideas, you should also learn how to optimize examples as tools for supporting your ideas. The number and length of your examples will depend on you. As long as they are relevant to the points you are passing across, you can use them.

  • Check your examples

After using your examples, you will need to countercheck them for two things. First, ensure that they have enough details to support your ideas. Second, you also need to establish their relevance and accuracy in reinforcing your ideas. If they are irrelevant, you need to discard and replace them. If they are sketch, you have to add more information so that they can defend and explain your ideas well.

Choose a topic

Choosing accurate exemplification essay topics for your assignment is critical. If your instructor has not given you a topic, you will need to choose yours and determine how you will uphold it with relevant examples.

Establish your purpose

After settling for a particular topic for your exemplification essay, you have to establish its purpose so that you can give it a sense of objectivity. Besides, purpose will enable you to select and use the right examples and also draft a good thesis statement for your assignment.

Remember your readers

Above all, you need to put your readers at the center of your essay. Draft your assignment with examples that are relevant to them.

Draft a thesis statement

Stating your thesis clearly gives your readers a clear idea of the kind of generalizations you want to exemplify and how you will use your examples to back them.

Draft a well-developed body

Your exemplification essay example needs an expertly drafted body with paragraphs. The reason here is that this section is where you will prove and back your generalizations. It is the bulk of evidence you need to validate and defend your thesis statement. You need to draft this section so that every paragraph carries an idea that is supported by examples.

Draft a conclusion

Your conclusion needs to wrap up your work by restating your thesis statement and showing the reader its value to them. You should also make a summary of the main ideas you used to support your thesis. Lastly, you have to be explicit in what you want your readers to take home or do with what you have shared with them.

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