Coursework writing

Coursework Writing as a Band of Obstacles

The majority of young people are eager to have higher education. However, studying at the university is not a piece of cake. You should work hard if you want to be a good student, or pound the books as one may say. The main challenge is that you will not only read a lot of books but also write an enormous amount of papers. Some of them like short essays should be passed almost every day, others like reports, articles, and different research papers take more time. There are many types of writing assignments, but a coursework is considered the most difficult one. Why is it so? Because the process itself looks like a band of obstacles to a lazy student. Hence, let us see what stages the process of coursework writing has and why it is often associated with so many challenges.

How to Write a Coursework?

Coursework is a kind of research paper on a particular subject, which should be done and passed during the term. Moreover, sometimes the grade of this paper influences the result of your exam on the same subject, etc. This type of assignment implies a lot of self-guided work to do. Certainly, you will have a supervisor who can help you choose an appropriate topic or answer your questions during the process of paper writing, but, all in all, you will do a larger part of work by yourself. So, what difficulties may wait for each student on this way?

  1. Selection of a topic. Similar to other writing assignments, a coursework starts from choosing a topic to investigate. It is an integral part of each work, and this stage is very important for the whole project because your future research will be devoted to this very topic. Try to select an issue that would not be too narrow because this paper should be substantial; at the same time, there is no necessity in choosing a broad topic that you won’t be able to cover.
  2. Searching of literature. This kind of work implies independent research of the chosen issue. The trick is that all information should be taken from reliable sources, such as books, academic publications, online scientific databases, and others. Therefore, a student should be ready to work with library and online sources while writing his/her project.
  3. Structuring outline. Certainly, such works must have a strict plan approved by your professor. The main difference of a coursework from simpler papers is that it consists of at least four sections: introduction, two main sections, and conclusion. Each of them serves a particular purpose. However, if you have some trouble with outline creation, don’t hesitate to ask your professor for advice.
  4. Literature. Don’t forget that all your ideas must be supported by evidence and opinions of different scientists. It is necessary to give some quotes, but they should be formatted due to the required writing standard (the most widespread are the MLA writing format and the APA writing guide). Both of them imply the presence of footnotes or endnotes after each citation in the text. Moreover, all used resources should be enumerated in the special list of references. If your work will not have proper citations and references, it can be considered plagiarism and returned to you for revision. Certainly, it is not the best way to finish the academic term.

All these stages can be very hard for a student, especially if he or she has a part-time job and should combine it with education somehow. Moreover, this task can be too difficult for students who have different academic problems or suffer diseases.

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