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Today, writing a research paper, essay, thesis, or any other article is really hard for modern students. They prefer to spend some money on a ready-made paperwork or order a custom service, but don’t waste their time preparing the homework. For this reason, the market is full of various writing services who offer different terms and prices to their clients. As for the prices, they vary in a wide range, and it is very hard to find the balance between the price and quality. Due to this fact, there is a question – how it is possible to find a trusted high-quality company that provides writing services at low cost. The answer can be tricky and requires specific research. Fortunately, all necessary information can be found on the company’s website and related sources in the Internet.

The Internet, as well as the company’s website, is an inexhaustible source of useful information that can answer all possible questions about terms, conditions, pricing, quality, and customer support. As a result, it allows to understand whether you should trust the chosen service, or you should look for the better one. However, some companies provide false information on the website, trying to confuse their customers, and it can get you in trouble. Because if you pay money and don’t receive the promised result, it can be complicated to get your money back or request modifications. In order to prevent these risks, you should choose the service provider wisely and check as many available sources as possible. When you read testimonials on the website, make sure they are different and are not written by one person. Moreover, it will be great to check other websites for reviews about the chosen company. Many people want to share their positive or negative experience with others, so it will not be hard to find such comments. As you may see, it is important to conduct a qualitative study before you place an order. Let’s review the most significant criteria that will help you to choose the right company!

Difference between the cheap custom research paper and the expensive one

  1. The price. Many people think that expensive services are much better than then the cheap one. Definitely, you shouldn’t expect high quality for $1 per a page, but you don’t want to pay $50 per a page either. The best way to find relevant prices for your custom research paper is to check several most popular writing services; their pricing policy should be similar, and it will allow you to understand the market price.
  2. Timing. After you find out the average price on the market, you should check how much time it takes each company to handle the order. Generally, this information is present on the home page of the writing service. If it is not, don’t hesitate to contact the customer service and clarify the deadline. It is important when you purchase for the first time and not sure what quality you will get. Moreover, it will be a good idea to check testimonials and see if the company has complaints about delays, and how it handles them.
  3. Modification/Refund policy. Nobody thinks about it till this occurs. When the work is done and delivered, it can be really hard to request a modification or return money. The majority of companies are working with freelancers who have a bunch of other orders in line. Thereby, when the order is done, he moves to the next one forgetting the previous order. If you are not satisfied with the paper and need modifications, it may take several days to complete them. For this reason, check the policies before you buy the research paper. Also, don’t forget to check testimonials, they can be very helpful.
  4. Writers. Due to the fact that online writing services work through the Internet, they have ability to hire writers from all over the world. This circumstance has both positive and negative sides. The positive one is that it allows to reduce labor cost and the price for services. Meanwhile, you don’t know who writes your article. It is highly possible that your work and your mark are in the hands of a Pakistan student (There is nothing wrong with Pakistan students, but it is better to have a native speaker as an author).
  5. Grammar. Grammar, syntax, and punctuation errors can screw up the best custom research paper. That is why, after your work is complete, read your article and make sure it doesn’t have errors. If it does, contact the customer service right away and make sure they will make a free revision and correct mistakes. In order to know how the customer service handles such cases, read the policy and testimonials.
  6. Plagiarism. All academic institutions hate plagiarism and don’t accept works that include it. Thereby, be careful with cheap writing services, they can sell stolen content. Meanwhile, some expensive services don’t disdain to use it, too. So, don’t forget to use the plagiarism services to check your paper.
  7. Customer support. As you may see, ordering the custom research paper online can be tricky and require attention and caution. It is highly probable that you will have some situations when you need to contact the customer support. For this reason, to find out how it works before you place an order. The best way to test it is to contact it. Leave a message and see how the representative of the customer service will handle it, and how much time it will take him.

The cheapest way to write a custom research paper

Actually, the cheapest way to write this work is to do it by yourself. Some students don’t want to make it because they are afraid of responsibility and think that someone can do this task better than them. Meanwhile, it is not quite so. Despite the fact that the professional writers do it every day, and it is easier for them to write the research paper, they don’t immerse into the subject and don’t know all the nuances, unlike the student who is specialized in the given topic. Thereby, the first step of writing the cheapest custom research paper is to stop worrying and start writing. In order to start writing, here are some good recommendations that will help you make a fantastic paper.

  1. Choose the right topic. Probably, it is the most important step. If you like and know the topic, it will not be hard for you to write it and make it interesting for your readers.
  2. Make a research. The research will give you fundamental knowledge about the chosen topic and help you to set the problem. Also, it will help you to prove your theory.
  3. Write your first draft. Based on your notes and ideas, write the first outline and draft of your research paper.
  4. Revive your outline and draft. Re-read your thesis and check it for contextual errors; double check data, facts, and other important information. If it is possible, give your work to a friend or a neighbor. It will allow you to understand that data is provided in a logical and understandable manner.
  5. Write the final paper. After your final paperwork is completed, re-read it for grammar, syntax, and punctuation errors. Also, don’t forget to check your research paper for plagiarism. You don’t want to copy someone’s ideas.

These recommendations are essential and will help you write any kind of paperwork, including a research paper, essay, article, thesis, etc. But, if you want to succeed in writing the research paper, you should follow the correct structure and include necessary elements. This outline will help you to understand what elements must be included and the order in which they should be placed in the text.

The proper format of the custom research paper

  1. The title page. Probably, it is the most important part of the research paper because it gives information about the paper and its author. The page must include the following elements: the title of the research paper, author(s), keywords (if needed), author’s requisites, and all other information that is required by the educational institution or the editorial office.
  2. The abstract. Nowadays, a well-structured abstract is an integral part of any research paper. It must include the purpose, methods/methodology/design/approach, main findings, research implications and limitations, and practical implications. This structure may vary in different educational institutions, but the main idea is to present all basic information of the article.
  3. The introduction. You should write the thesis statement in the introduction. Also, it must include the background (mention how your work is connected to previous researches, importance (what is the importance of your research), limitations (what are weaknesses of your study), assumptions (list all assumptions that you made in the research paper).
  4. Methods and methodology. This section must include all collected data and describe methods of your study. Furthermore, it is good to bring evidence, like statistics, citations, and other information to support your thesis.
  5. Results. You should list all your primary and secondary findings here. Did you manage to prove your thesis statement? What are your results?
  6. Discussions. This block shows how your research can be continued. What other related topics can be discovered? It gives an opportunity to other scientists to continue your work and bring some of your ideas to life. In addition, it will be great to discuss the practical application of your study. In this case, it will be interesting not only for the academic community but for businessmen, too.
  7. Conclusions. It is the brief summary of your work. Please, note, never include new ideas in the conclusion. All of them must be proved and argued earlier.
  8. References. Do not relax too soon! Despite the fact that references are probably the easiest part of your work, it can be really tricky. There are dozens of citation styles in the scientific world, so don’t forget to find out which one you need before you start formatting.

As one may note, this structure is very helpful. Before you start doing your paperwork, run through this list and write it down. It will organize your mind and speed up your work.

Another problem of newbies is absence of an appropriate topic. Generally, people know their research area, like economics, math, chemistry, etc., but they don’t know how to formulate the right topic. In order to give you an idea how your topic should look like

Custom research paper topics

  • How do tobacco and alcohol affect the human brain?
  • What causes earthquakes?
  • What is more effective: sun energy or wind energy?
  • Should Americans work more than 40 hours a week?
  • How is it possible to handle the problem of illegal immigration?
  • Should the U.S. companies stop buying Chinese goods?
  • How does modern food affect people health?
  • Pros and cons of social networks.
  • Does vaccinating of children make more harm than good?
  • Global marketing trends: how do social networks increase sales?
  • How to protect rare animals?
  • What are the most common cyber scams? How can you protect yourself?
  • How do cars affect human behavior?
  • Should we legalize drugs? What drugs can be legalized?
  • What is the best way to educate your child?

Overall, you can write a good research paper by yourself. But, if you don’t have time or not confident in your abilities, you can order this work online at low cost. As it was mentioned earlier, the market offers hundreds and thousands online writing services, and you must be careful to choose the trusted ones. Our company is one of these reliable sources of high quality custom research papers. We offer affordable prices, excellent customer service, high-quality of every paper. Our writers are waiting for your topic. Don’t hesitate and order now!