Master essay

Prompts and Tips for Excellent Master Essay Writing

Master essay is what all graduates have to deliver in order in order to get master’s level. This degree will show a higher level of training and put priorities for engaging in research activities. This degree can be obtained only by those graduates who prepared and handed over their master’s thesis.

It is important to consider not only the very fact of just having this work, but also its content. The main goal of this project is to conduct your own research, based on the construction of theoretical and practical work. Materials will be presented by all those skills that can be obtained by a student during the passage of the master course. Also the scientific and practical activities in which the student participated are taken into account. There are certain features of the implementation of master’s essay, which have to be considered in detail.

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Masters Essay Sample Has to Meet the Following Criteria:

  • Sufficient level of scientific training for the consideration of specific issues;
  • Compliance with the content of the work and its themes;
  • The approach to solving the problem;
  • The actuality of the area under consideration;
  • The use of an individual approach to solving a particular problem.

Students who are going to write a master essay do not need to immediately take up the pen and express their thoughts on paper. Experts advise to prepare for master essay writing which, in turn, should be divided into four stages following which students will be able to write a paper which is not only competent, but also informative and well structured.

Master Essay Writing Should Include These Steps:

1. Planning Time.

At the first stage it is important to manage time. What will it be spent on?

  • Firstly, you need to set time for studying the subject matter or essay topics, to generate ideas, to explore a variety of sources, and collection of materials that will be processed based on a theme or master essay questions.
  • Secondly, you need to set aside some time for preparation of a detailed plan, and writing rough and finished versions of master essay.
  • Thirdly, if between the writing of the two versions there must be a small interval of at least one day. This is the time that students can spend on editing the text (spelling, grammar, style, as well as factual information).

2. Analysing The Main Questions of Master Essay.

It seems that the objective of this step is obvious. But why do experts allocate it in a separate step? First of all, you need to understand the question (or the questions), understand its meaning. To do this, it needs to be divided into semantic fragments. For example, a standard question for master essay typically includes the following words:

  • analyse,
  • contrast,
  • compare,
  • illustrate,
  • prove,
  • argue,
  • make a point,
  • highlight,
  • emphasize,
  • set.

Highlighting these words in the work, students can accurately determine the strategy of response to this question. For instance, they can give a detailed description of aspects (events, actions), referred to in the question, instead of carrying out their analysis. For example, a master essay can be written as a descriptive essay.

3. Planning A Selection of Material.

The selection of material for the essay should be systematic. What does this mean? Students should not try to learn absolutely everything that is somehow related to the essay question. They should focus on the information that is related to the master essay question.

Students are likely to ask questions in this regard:

  • How much information (books, articles) do I need to read?
  • What online resources are helpful for me?
  • Should I apply audio and video materials?
  • How much information is just enough?

These are the questions that students ask themselves before collecting materials. All sources should be divided into major and minor ones. By the way, students may need to go to a museum or an art gallery for the collection of the original information.
Usually teachers give students a list of literature sources on the subject course. Also, at the end of each textbook there is often a bibliography list, which students can use to search for literature (books, magazines, and newspaper articles).
If students search through online sources, they should also navigate to the names of the authors or keywords for the topic of master essay.

Keywords students can search for:

  • single-parent families,
  • education in Europe,
  • economic crisis,
  • gay marriages,
  • women’s rights,
  • foreign politics,
  • Cuban crisis,
  • World War II,
  • Vietnam War,
  • European culture,
  • Art of Ancient Greece.

When reading periodicals, it suffices to get acquainted with the annotation to the publication, and read excerpts from the text, and only then make a decision about reading the entire text. Electronic media will help future graduates to keep abreast of current events and find the bright living examples to illustrate their arguments.

4. Processing The Collected Material.

When students decide that the material collected is enough for writing master essay, they should start its processing. But before they do that, they have to go back to the topic of the essay or question that they have to answer. They should decide on their own approach for answering the question, or disclosing the question: how brief or detailed it is, what facts and examples should be brought in. As well, students should identify major themes and ideas that will be covered or disclosed in master essay, paying special attention to the illustrative material, and examples which will make their essay more original and interesting.

Future alumni ought not to forget about the structure of the essay. A master essay plan must be written. It also reflects the structure of the work. The master essay structure identifies three main parts:

  • introduction,
  • the main part,
  • and conclusion.

The main part understands the division into paragraphs. Typically, each new aspect, each new idea is revealed in a new paragraph of the main part.

How to Write Good Master Essay

Fullness of a master essay with certain information depends on the subject which was chosen at the outset. During this period there are also included other key preparatory activities. These include the search for sources that are subsequently combined into a bibliography. All sources are subject to a clear ‘dismantling,’ so that there is only the most necessary information. Also, at the initial stage the technique of writing of the work is formed, along with the definition of the rules of execution of the project. In fact, master essay has a lot to do with the master’s level project in its structure, but in fact it is considered to be more in-depth work. Moreover, the demands made to the master essay are considered to be more broad. In general, the subject and the overall content of the master essay must conform to the established educational program.

To have an idea how to write master essay well, future graduates need to consider some facts.

  • Firstly, it is the systematization. This refers to the preparation of the theoretical and practical foundations and transferring them within the master’s requirements. These are the basics students need to use to make some scientific discovery.
  • Secondly, students must be able to use their own scientific knowledge, so that eventually the committee members could be ensured that the applicant is a worthy candidate for the Master’s level. At the same time, students should be able to experiment.
  • Thirdly, graduate students must assume that they may have to work in research institutes and libraries.

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What Is Important in an Essay?

  • - Relying on sources, monographs, articles, books, lectures (listed in order of importance).
  • - Before making a link to an electronic resource on the Internet, make sure that the site (the author) to which you want to refer to, is really reputable, belonging to the well-known university, or scientific school.
  • - Analysis of concepts, approaches, methods and research results.
  • - Demonstration of understanding of the complexity of the problem.
  • - Logical thinking.
  • - The validity of the author’s position.
  • - Objectivity.
  • - The quality of the source material that students are going to use.
  • - Applied argumentation (how well it correlates with the questions asked in the master essay).
  • - The processing quality of the available source material or materials (its organization and reasoning).

The duties of a student writing master essay include:

  1. The proper level of formulation and solution of specific problems arising in the course of the study.
  2. Choosing the right method of research. It is important to find some new methods of research, which are connected directly to the studied discipline.
  3. The material that is of an empirical representation, must be transferred by the author so that the reader would understand what kind of thought the author was trying to convey to the applicant.
  4. All references are to be processed so as to have a collectively transformed necessary scientific discovery.
  5. The author should use modern communication techniques in their study. There must be used information technologies, which are the basis of any scientific discipline, because without a systematic approach the exact interpretation of the main idea is impossible.

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